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This book is about connecting basic hair stylist essentials to aspects of an entrepreneur. As a hairstylist and entrepreneur we go through many trials and errors, may overlook some things, and may not know how to maintain. Also, we may not know what things we need to cut out of our life, or how to direct our focus to achieve projected goals. No matter niche you are in the beauty industry, we have to do the same steps to reach a higher goal and to grow our business. Consistency, dedication, and faith is key to believing you will be successful in the beauty industry. This is not an easy industry to grow in you but you have to want it and go for it. Follow this blueprint to success. I guarantee you, you will be dynamic in the beauty industry. Pray and Trust in God! I'm here to tell you first, You Can Do It!

The Clover to Cosmetology Achievement E-Book

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